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Published: January 13, 2014

FERC Order 1000 Coordination

The three jurisdictional parties of ColumbiaGrid’s Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement, PEFA, (i.e. Avista, MATL, and Puget Sound Energy) filed their compliance letters with FERC on December 17, 2013, (see links below) to comply with FERC’s June 20, 2013 order regarding the PEFA parties’ regional Order 1000 filings. The core of their compliance is facilitated via a new agreement, known as the Order 1000 Functional Agreement, which builds on the existing Second Amended Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (PEFA-2). PEFA-2 will continue to be the planning agreement for all of the PEFA parties; however, the Order 1000 Functional Agreement will provide additional Order 1000 features to help facilitate the jurisdictional parties’ compliance with Order 1000. There is not any specific effective date of the Order 1000 Functional Agreement, rather, it will go into effect subject to a FERC ruling regarding the December 17 compliance filings of the jurisdictional parties.





Member: Tacoma Power      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Tacoma Power

"As a charter member of ColumbiaGrid, Tacoma Power has observed the benefits for its customers of regional transmission planning. Engaging in the ColumbiaGrid collaborative transmission planning process has fostered diverse and innovative solutions. This open process for identifying and resolving transmission challenges has delivered cost-effective reliability to our entire region."
~~ William A. Gaines, Director of Utilities