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Published: May 24, 2012

ColumbiaGrid Seeks New Director

ColumbiaGrid Seeks New Director
Note: This is an update to an announcement originally made on April 20, 2012. The date for potential candidates to respond has also been extended to June 18, 2012.
Shelly Richardson has advised that she does not wish to seek re-election as a ColumbiaGrid Director for the term beginning August 17, 2012. Therefore, the slate of candidates which the Board of Directors will present to the ColumbiaGrid members for their vote this summer will not include Shelly’s name.      
In accordance with the Bylaws, we are hereby seeking suggestions from our list of Interested Persons for candidates for this Board position for a three-year term beginning on August 17, 2012. Candidates must demonstrate substantial and relevant experience with the electric power system in the Pacific Northwest and may not have any conflicts of interest for the director position.
The Board will consider each suggested person as it prepares the candidate slate, especially giving consideration to the necessary qualifications and restrictions for Board members specified in Article VI of the Fifth Amended ColumbiaGrid Bylaws. In addition to the qualifications and restrictions for Board members specified in the Bylaws, there are additional restrictions clarified in ColumbiaGrid’s Conflict of Interest Policy and its Confidentiality Policy.  
The Bylaws and the two Policies can be downloaded from the ColumbiaGrid website using the following links:
Please send your suggestions, candidate applications, or any pertinent information about individual candidates by Monday, June 18, 2012 to:
Dan Dettmer
Interim Treasurer & Corporate Secretary
8338 NE Alderwood Road, Suite 140
Portland, Oregon 97220
Thank you for your input in this important matter, and for your continued interest in ColumbiaGrid.
Allen Burns
President, ColumbiaGrid


Member: Tacoma Power      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Tacoma Power

"As a charter member of ColumbiaGrid, Tacoma Power has observed the benefits for its customers of regional transmission planning. Engaging in the ColumbiaGrid collaborative transmission planning process has fostered diverse and innovative solutions. This open process for identifying and resolving transmission challenges has delivered cost-effective reliability to our entire region."
~~ William A. Gaines, Director of Utilities