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Project: Transient Stability Studies

Transient Stability Studies Overview

ColumbiaGrid Transient Stability Study is a study program that was created in 2015 as a coordinated effort among ColumbiaGrid, it’s members, and interested parties. This study focuses on evaluating power system dynamic issues in the transient timeframe that are influenced by all system components including synchronous generators, generation controls, renewable resources, load characteristics, and relay and protections. Utilizing the capabilities of time domain transient stability simulation software, this study has the ability to simulate transient behaviors of power grid during and after fault conditions which can provide more complete picture of potential system performance. Furthermore, these results can be used in conjunction with other technical studies being conducted at ColumbiaGrid to ensure reliability and efficiency of the power grid as well.



Status: Active

Lead Staff:
Bo Gong   Contact

Additional Staff

07/28/2016 ColumbiaGrid Transient Stability Manual - .docx (v: 2)   

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07/28/2016 ColumbiaGrid Transient Stability Manual - .pdf with reference (v: 2)   

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