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-Biennial Plan Mtg

Date and Time: Thursday Jan 29, 2009 9:00-3:00
Location: CG Office
Type: Project Meetings
Organizer: Marv Landauer

Quality Assurance of 13HS1 and 14HW1 WECC cases

Conference Bridge: 1-877-295-7894, Guest Code 700

There will be two session held - one at 9:30 & one at 1:30.  Please join one or the other - not necessary to join both meetings.

To join the online meeting via Webex:
1. Go to

2. Click on the Quality Assurance meeting (for the time you are choosing to attend)

3. Enter your name and email address.
4. Enter the meeting password: 2Attend
5. Click "Join Now".

01/30/2009 ContingencyAnalysisAuxFiles (v: 1)   

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01/29/2009 Study Request to TEPPC 2009 (v: 1)   

tudy Request to TEPPC 2009.pdf   download>


01/28/2009 2008 NOS Reg Eco Benefit_CG Briefing (v: 1) Eco Benefit_CG Briefing.pdf   download>


01/28/2009 2008 NOS Recommendation_CG Briefing v1 (v: 1)   

...ommendation_CG Briefing v1.pdf   download>


01/28/2009 Base Case Quality Assurance (v: 1)   

BaseCaseQualityAssurance.pdf   download>


01/26/2009 Draft Planning Agenda (1.29.09) (v: 2)   

...nning Agenda (1-29-09) (2).pdf   download>



Member: Tacoma Power      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Tacoma Power

"As a charter member of ColumbiaGrid, Tacoma Power has observed the benefits for its customers of regional transmission planning. Engaging in the ColumbiaGrid collaborative transmission planning process has fostered diverse and innovative solutions. This open process for identifying and resolving transmission challenges has delivered cost-effective reliability to our entire region."
~~ William A. Gaines, Director of Utilities