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Data due for 11LS1-OP

Date and Time: Friday Aug 27, 2010 5:00
Type: NW Area Coordinator

Case Description

I.   Case Due Dates:
To Area Coordinator:     August 27, 2010
To Staff:     October 1, 2010

II.   Purpose:   To represent anticipated operating conditions during light load periods. Moderate flows from the Northwest to California and moderate to heavy flows from Idaho/Montana to the Northwest.

III.   Items to be Prepared:
From Case:                   2010 LS1 Operating Case
Stability Data:               Master Dynamics File (1)
Significant Changes:      2010 LS1 Operating Case

IV.   Loads: 65-75% of summer peak

V.    Time: Early morning (0200 to 0500 hours), summer conditions.



Generation Hydro Thermal Renewable
Canada Median -- --
Northwest Median -- --
Idaho/Montana Median High --
Colorado/Wyoming Median Median --
Northern California Hydro Median -- --
Northern California -- High --
Southern California -- -- --
Arizona/New Mexico -- -- --






Interchange** Condition Target* % Rating
Canada to Northwest Moderate 2000 63%
Northwest to California      
    (COI/RATS) Moderate 3600 74%
    (PDCI) Moderate 2000 65%
Path 15 S-N -- -- --
Wyoming/Idaho to Northwest Moderate 1600 67%
Montana to Northwest Maximum 2200 100%
Utah/Colorado to Southwest Light 450 28%
Southwest to Calif. (EOR/WOR) Moderate 4600/5900 57%/56%
Intermountain to Adelanto DC Heavy 1850 96%
Midway to Vincent Light 1500 38%




*Actual flows within ± 10% of target are acceptable, but not to exceed the actual rating of the path.
**Targets may be altered as anticipated operting conditions become more clearly known. Renewables should be based onindividual entities' Renewable Portfolio Standard.

(Note) Where no target flows are specified actual scheduled transfers should be based on each areas load and generation (deficiency/surplus) balance and economical generation dispatch. The objective of the case should be kept in mind and schedules should be coordinated between areas prior to data submittal.
(1) Only Corrections to the MDF or new data for the MDF need be submitted.


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Avista Corporation

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~~ Jeff Schlect, Manager, Transmission Services, Avista