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WIST Meeting

Date and Time: Wednesday Jul 07, 2010 10:00 - 3:00
Location: ColumbiaGrid
Type: Workgroup Meetings
Organizer: Jeff Miller/Rich Bayless

Phone Bridge: 877.295.7894 Guest Code: 700


Webex Info:

To join the online meeting (Now from iPhones too!)
1. Go to
2. If requested, enter your name and email address.
3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: 2Attend
4. Click "Join".

07/06/2010 WIST Report Presentation (v: 1)   

WISTReport6-7-10.pdf   download>


07/06/2010 KEMA sees opportunites for storage applications in high-penetration renewables (v: 1)   

...23 KEMA CA ISO study FINAL.pdf   download>


07/06/2010 Research Evaluation of Wind Generation, Solar & Storage Impact on CA Grid (v: 1)   

CEC-500-2010-010.pdf   download>


07/06/2010 Challenges of Wind Integration (v: 1)   

...ind_Integration_6.15.10[1].doc   download>


07/06/2010 IS Dynamic Transfer Guidelines (v: 1)   

...c_Transfer_Guidelines_0526.doc   download>


07/01/2010 Dynamic Scheduling Final Report (v: 1)   

namicSchedulingFinalReport.pdf   download>


06/29/2010 Powerex Comments on Dynamic Transfer Limits Methodology (v: 1)   

PWX-BPAreDSS28June2010.pdf   download>


06/29/2010 WIST Agenda (7.7.10) (v: 1)   

WIST5-20-10DraftAgenda1.pdf   download>


06/09/2010 WIST Notes from 5.20.10 Mtg (v: 1)   

...Draft-NotesWISTMeeting5.20.doc   download>



Member: Tacoma Power      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Tacoma Power

"As a charter member of ColumbiaGrid, Tacoma Power has observed the benefits for its customers of regional transmission planning. Engaging in the ColumbiaGrid collaborative transmission planning process has fostered diverse and innovative solutions. This open process for identifying and resolving transmission challenges has delivered cost-effective reliability to our entire region."
~~ William A. Gaines, Director of Utilities