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Useful files and tips for working with WECC cases will be posted here. Examples include the file to renumber dummy buses in PowerWorld, aux file to show epc append data, aux file to delete objects identitied in an appended epc file, and an aux file to display all data in the same order as in an epc text file.


Timeframe: Ongoing

Status: Active

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01/16/2014 Northwest Oneline (v: 2014)   

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04/16/2013 Renumber Multi-Section Line Dummy Buses (v: 4_16_13)   

ulti-sectionLineDummyBuses.txt   download>


03/12/2013 PowerWorld Auxiliary File Syntax for TextPad (v: 3_12_2013)   

...Syntax for   download>


03/26/2012 Powerworld Tools Presentation (v: Rolstad)   

...ay Never Have Known About.pptx   download>


03/26/2012 Reading a GE case into Powerworld (v: Rolstad)   

eading a GE case into PWS.pptx   download>


09/30/2010 User Defined Display-EPC Data (v: 1)   

Data User-Defined Display.aux   download>


08/25/2010 GE Display Settings (v: 1)   

GE Display Settings.aux   download>


08/25/2010 Delete GE Flagged Aux File (v: 1)   

DeleteGEflagged.aux   download>


08/25/2010 Automatic Area Coordinator Aux File (v: 1)   

... Area Coordinator Aux File.aux   download>


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