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Planning and Expansion

Planning and Expansion Overview

ColumbiaGrid provides single-utility based transmission planning for the combined network of its participating utilities.  The goal of this program is to answer three key questions with respect to solving identified transmission issues:

  • What should be built?
  • Who should build it?
  • Who should pay for it?

The participants in the Planning and Expansion program believe the ColumbiaGrid process provides the planning support and coordination needed to get multi-party transmission projects constructed in the region.

Second Amended Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement


Timeframe: April 2007 - Ongoing

Status: Active

Lead Staff:
Paul Didsayabutra   Contact

Additional Staff

01/13/2017 2017 Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan Draft for Comment (v: 2017 Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan Draft for Comment)   

...nsionPlan-Draft forComment.pdf   download>


09/13/2016 2016 System Assessment (v: 2016 System Assessment)   

2016SAFinal2.pdf   download>


08/16/2016 2016 System Assessment (v: 2)   

2016SA-DRAFTv6small.pdf   download>


02/18/2016 2016 Update to the 2015 Biennial Plan (v: 2)   

2016BiennialPlan-Finalweb.pdf   download>


12/10/2015 WECC Base Case Building Process w/ColumbiaGrid as a Data Representative (v: 1)   

...ildingProcesswColumbiaGrid.pdf   download>


08/04/2015 Final 2015 System Assessment (v: 3)   

2015SAfinal2.pdf   download>


12/23/2013 Order 1000 Functional Agreement 12.17.13 (v: 1)   

...ctional Agreement 12-17-13.pdf   download>


11/07/2012 PEFA Third Amendment and Restatement (10.21.12) (v: 1)   

...ndmentRestatement(10-1-12).pdf   download>