Study Team: Gas-Electric Interdependencies Study Team

Gas-Electric Interdependencies Study Team Details

Background Reports

-2011 Special Reliability Assessment: A Primer of the Natural Gas and Electric Power Interdependency in the United States - NERC

-Integrating Variable Renewable Electric Power Generators and the Natural Gas Infrastructure - ICF International

-Northwest Gas Association 2012 Gas Outlook

-PNUCC-NWGA Natural Gas-Electricity Primer



Background Presentations

-State of the Northwest Electric Power System - Dick Adams, PNUCC

-Plugging into Natural Gas - Allison Bridges, Williams Northwest Pipeline

-Integrating Variable Renewable Power Generation and Natural Gas Infrastructure - Leonard Crook, ICF International

-Implications of Natural Gas and Electricity's Convergency - Catherine Elder, Aspen Environmental Group

-NWGA Convergency Summit - Gregg Kantor, NW Natural

-NW Gas Market Outlook - Dan Kirschner, NW Gas Association

-Gas Electric Convergence - Malcolm McLellan, Van Ness Feldman

-Plugging into Natural Gas - Scott Morris, Avista

-February 2011 Cold Snap: Gas-Electric Interdependencies and Recommendations - Heather Polzin, NERC and Earl Shockley, NERC

-Pacific Northwest Natural Gas System - Clay Riding, Puget Sound Energy



Background Presentations - October 2011 CREPC/SPSC Meeting

-Interaction of Natural Gas and Electricity Markets: A California Perspective - Bill Monsen, MRW & Associates

-2011 Special Reliability Assessment: A Primer on the Natural Gas and Electric Power Interdependency in the United States

-Puget Sound Energy Background and Issues - Colin Crowley, Puget Sound Energy

-Changing Role of Gas Generation in WECC - Dave Olsen, Western Grid Group