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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values Overview

ColumbiaGrid is a membership non-profit corporation providing regional grid planning in the Northwest portion of the Western Interconnection that strives for excellence and exists to:

  • improve reliability of the transmission grid via collaborative, cooperative, cost-effective, efficient and insightful long-term regional transmission (‘grid’) expansion planning consistent with planning and reliability standards (i.e. our Core services); and
  • analyze, develop, or facilitate solutions relating to the improved use or expansion of the transmission grid (i.e. our Non-Core services).

  • In carrying out its Mission and Vision, ColumbiaGrid utilizes an integrated single-system view of its Members’ and Qualified Non-Member Parties’ systems and endeavors to provide sustainable benefits for them (which could not be achieved individually or separately), their customers, and the region consistent with the public interest. ColumbiaGrid does not own any distribution, generation, or transmission facilities.

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    ColumbiaGrid Annual Reports



    Status: Active

    Lead Staff:
    Patrick Damiano   Contact

    08/18/2017 2016 Annual Report (v: 2016 Annual Report )   

    ...olumbiaGrid Annual Report1.pdf   download>


    04/28/2016 2015 Annual Report (v: 1)   

    15ColumbiaGridAnnualReport.pdf   download>


    12/02/2015 2015-2016 ColumbiaGrid Work Plan (Dec. 2015) (v: 1)   

    ...olumbiaGridWorkPlanDec2015.pdf   download>


    06/05/2015 2014 Annual Report (v: 1)   

    AnnualReport2014.pdf   download>


    02/20/2014 ColumbiaGrid 2013 Annual Report (v: 1)   

    AnnualReport2013.pdf   download>


    02/28/2013 2012 Annual Report (v: 1)   

    AnnualReport2012.pdf   download>


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