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Published: August 22, 2019

ColumbiaGrid 2018 Annual Report Published

To ColumbiaGrid's Stakeholders and Interested Parties:

The theme of ColumbiaGrid’s 2018 annual report is, Comprehensive Regional Grid Planning - Knowledge to Build with Confidence! “We have continued to reduce the costs to our members and planning parties while expanding and improving the services that we provide. Our focus has been, and continues to be, to deliver the best-quality regional grid planning at affordable costs. We have accomplished these goals,” said Patrick Damiano, ColumbiaGrid’s president and CEO. “Such strong financial and technical performance is a testament to the efficiency, focus, and professionalism of all of our staff,” added Mr. Damiano.

ColumbiaGrid’s reviewed financials, for the past two operating years, are listed in the 2018 Annual Report. ColumbiaGrid’s overall annual operating costs, of approximately $2.49 M in 2018, are down almost 40% from a high in 2012 via a combination of cost-cutting measures by ColumbiaGrid and honing of services in collaboration with the Members and Participants. Please click here to view our 2018 Annual Report:

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Member: Avista Corporation      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Avista Corporation

"In ColumbiaGrid, we now have the ability to resolve the three fundamental transmission questions: What transmission facilities should be built? Who should build them? Who should pay for them? With ColumbiaGrid's independent staff and process to resolve disputes, we can answer these questions effectively and in a timely fashion to facilitate our region's new resource development needs."
~~ Jeff Schlect, Manager, Transmission Services, Avista