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Published: December 17, 2019

2020 Budget & Meeting Schedule Approved

To ColumbiaGrid's Stakeholders and Interested Parties:

At the December 11 board of directors meeting, ColumbiaGrid’s Board of Directors approved the 2020 Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (PEFA) budget and the 2020 funding agreement budget, totaling $3.56M, and approved the board of directors meetings and bi-annual member meetings schedules for 2020. No meetings are scheduled beyond October 2020, which is the planned completion of the 2020 Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan (BTEP); 2020 is also anticipated to be ColumbiaGrid's final year of business operations pursuant to PEFA and the funding agreement. ColumbiaGrid’s Order 1000 services are expected to end as of December 31 of this year.

"We have accelerated our schedules for completing the 2020 System Assessment, during the second quarter, and the 2020 BTEP, by October, of 2020,” said Patrick Damiano, ColumbiaGrid’s president and CEO. "The accelerated schedules will allow us to fulfill our contractual commitments to our Members and Planning Parties and to operate within the end dates of the existing funding commitments of those Parties, while also enabling a smooth transition of expansion planning to NorthernGrid. In the event that 2020 is the company’s final year of incorporation, the accelerated schedules will also dovetail with an orderly wind down of the corporation if necessary,” added Mr. Damiano.

Please click on the link below to view the meeting materials from last week's board meeting, including the approved budget and meeting schedule resolutions.



Member: Chelan County PUD      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Chelan County PUD

"Chelan PUD is a strong supporter of ColumbiaGrid and the work that’s accomplished through the transmission Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (PEFA). As a result of that process, the mid-C utilities (Chelan, Grant and Douglas PUDs) and Bonneville Power Administration were able to reach an agreement that defined the need for a new transmission line, as well as determine who will construct, own and pay for the facility. Those difficult decisions were made successful through the expert and independent expertise of the ColumbiaGrid staff."
~~ Chad Bowman, Director - Transmission and Compliance