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Planning Meeting

Date and Time: Thursday Jun 08, 2017 9:00-3:00
Location: ColumbiaGrid/Columbia Room
Type: Program Meetings
Organizer: Paul Didsayabutra

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Meeting number: 621 279 351
Meeting password: rfQcWk86

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1-877-668-4490 Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada)
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Access code: 621 279 351

07/27/2017 June 8, 2017 Planning Meeting Notes (v: June 8, 2017 Planning Meeting Notes) Notes_08 June 2017 (3).pdf   download>


06/08/2017 System Assessment Update (v: System Assessment Update)   

...smentSensitivityStudyPlans.pdf   download>


06/08/2017 CAISO ITP Evaluation (v: CAISO ITP Evaluation)   

...dyPlan_ColumbiaGridMeeting.pdf   download>


06/07/2017 2017 System Assessment Summary (v: 2017 System Assessment Summary)   

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06/07/2017 Transient Stability (v: Transient Stability)   

...nsient Stability June 2017.pdf   download>


06/07/2017 2017_SystemAssessment_ContingencyResults_InitialOutput (v: 1)   

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06/07/2017 GIC/GMD Study (v: GIC/GMD Study)   

...dy_060817 Planning Meeting.pdf   download>


06/06/2017 MOD 33 (v: MOD 33)   

CG MOD 33 June 2017.pdf   download>


06/06/2017 PF to EIA860 Mapping for Area 40 (v: PF to EIA860 Mapping for Area 40)   

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06/06/2017 April 13, 2017 Planning Meeting Notes (v: April 13, 2017 Planning Meeting Notes )   

...eeting Notes_13 April 2017.pdf   download>


06/06/2017 Economic Planning Study Update (v: Economic Planning Study Update)   

...Planning_EPS_2017_0608_v01.pdf   download>


05/31/2017 Initial ADS Workflow v1.0 (v: Initial ADS Workflow v1.0)   

ADS Process WPR-WECC.pdf   download>


05/31/2017 2028 Anchor Data Set (ADS) Updates (v: 2028 Anchor Data Set (ADS) Updates)   

CG_Planning 6_8_ADS.pdf   download>


05/31/2017 Data Retentiom Policy and Secured Website Access (v: Data Retentiom Policy and Secured Website Access)   

CG_Planning 6_8_Data.pdf   download>


05/31/2017 Draft Planning Agenda (06.08.2017) (v: Draft Planning Agenda (06.08.2017))   

...tPlanningAgenda(6-8-17)_v5.pdf   download>



Member: Chelan County PUD      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Chelan County PUD

"Chelan PUD is a strong supporter of ColumbiaGrid and the work that’s accomplished through the transmission Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (PEFA). As a result of that process, the mid-C utilities (Chelan, Grant and Douglas PUDs) and Bonneville Power Administration were able to reach an agreement that defined the need for a new transmission line, as well as determine who will construct, own and pay for the facility. Those difficult decisions were made successful through the expert and independent expertise of the ColumbiaGrid staff."
~~ Chad Bowman, Director - Transmission and Compliance