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Published: October 12, 2015

ColumbiaGrid to Perform Third-Party Physical Security Risk-Assessment Verifications

ColumbiaGrid has started performing third-party physical security risk-assessment verifications for five of its planning parties, all of which are also Members of ColumbiaGrid. Pursuant to the recently executed Physical Security Reliability Standard (CIP-014) Third Party Verification Functional Agreement (“CIP-014 Functional Agreement”), ColumbiaGrid will help its planning parties meet requirement R2 of FERC’s CIP-014-1 standard, which obligates Transmission Owners to have an unaffiliated third party verify their risk assessments of their transmission stations and substations that are subject to the standard. This new service fits well with ColumbiaGrid’s grid planning and analysis experience and expertise.

“We are pleased to be able to provide the CIP-014 verifications to our planning parties. It is yet another example of how ColumbiaGrid continues to implement valuable new services that are built upon our core grid planning expertise,” said Patrick Damiano, President & CEO. “This is the type of opportunity that we look for through the on-going collaborative brainstorming between ColumbiaGrid, its Members, planning parties, and the region as a whole so that we can continue to enhance, expand, and optimize integrated grid planning in the Northwest,” said Mr. Damiano.

ColumbiaGrid will complete its work under the CIP-014 Functional Agreement by the end of 2015.

CIP-014 Functional Agreement (Avista, Chelan, Grant, PSE)

CIP-014 Functional Agreement Seattle


CIP-014 Web Page


Member: Chelan County PUD      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Chelan County PUD

"Chelan PUD is a strong supporter of ColumbiaGrid and the work that’s accomplished through the transmission Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (PEFA). As a result of that process, the mid-C utilities (Chelan, Grant and Douglas PUDs) and Bonneville Power Administration were able to reach an agreement that defined the need for a new transmission line, as well as determine who will construct, own and pay for the facility. Those difficult decisions were made successful through the expert and independent expertise of the ColumbiaGrid staff."
~~ Chad Bowman, Director - Transmission and Compliance