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Planning and Expansion

Planning and Expansion Details

ColumbiaGrid's Planning and Expansion Program is intended to promote single-utility planning and expansion of the regional grid. The Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement, signed by all of ColumbiaGrid's members and three non-member participant (Douglas  County PUD, MATL LLP, and Cowlitz County PUD), defines the obligations under this program. 

In short, the agreement charges ColumbiaGrid with determining three key things concerning the transmission network: 

  • What should be built.
  • Who should build it.
  • Who should pay for it.

ColumbiaGrid will provide a number of services in this planning program, including performing annual transmission adequacy assessments, producing a Biennial Transmission Plan, and identifying transmission needs.  ColumbiaGrid will also facilitate a coordinated planning process for the development of multi-transmission system projects.

These activities will be carried out with consideration for the environment, regional interests, and cost effectiveness, and they are open to broad public participation.