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Project: Northwest Area Coordinator (WECC basecase submittals)

Northwest Area Coordinator (WECC basecase submittals) Overview

ColumbiaGrid serves as the Northwest Area Coordinator. Sub Area Coordinators submit data to the Area Coordinator. The Area Coordinator then prepares the Northwest powerflow model in accordance with the WECC Data Preparation Manual for inclusion in WECC base cases.  Each Northwest Transmission Owner in the NERC registry can select to be a Sub Area Coordinator or have an existing Sub Area Coordinator provide the service.  The Sub Area Coordinator list is posted on this page.

To access published WECC base cases, visit the WECC TSS Base Case page.


Timeframe: ongoing

Status: Active

Lead Staff:
Area Coordinator   Contact

Additional Staff

04/12/2018 Blank WECC Map - PowerWorld (v: Blank WECC Map - PowerWorld)   

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12/10/2015 WECC Base Case Building Process w/ColumbiaGrid as a Data Representative (v: 1)   

...ildingProcesswColumbiaGrid.pdf   download>


01/16/2014 Northwest Oneline (v: 2014)   

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10/19/2011 Sub Area Coordinators Highlighted on NERC Registry List (v: 1)   

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03/04/2010 Transfer of the Northwest Area Coordinator role (v: 1)   

...otification_WECC_CG_2-2010.pdf   download>


03/04/2010 Base Case Process Over View (v: 1)   

... Case Process Over View_CG.pdf   download>