Current Programs

Mission and Vision
ColumbiaGrid’s mission is to improve the reliability and efficient use of the Northwest’s transmission grid. ColumbiaGrid performs grid expansion planning, and develops and implements solutions related to the expansion, operation, reliability, and use of the interconnected Northwest transmission system. In carrying out its mission, ColumbiaGrid endeavors to provide sustainable benefits for its members and the region, while considering environmental concerns, regional interests, and cost-effectiveness. ColumbiaGrid Work Plan

Planning and Expansion
ColumbiaGrid provides grid expansion planning based on a single-utility concept for the combined transmission grids of its planning parties. The goal of grid expansion planning is to determine reasonable solutions, or mitigations, of transmission grid issues pertaining to serving load and complying with reliability standards. In doing so, ColumbiaGrid helps to determine what should be built, where it should be built, and when it should be built. The participants in the Planning and Expansion program look to ColumbiaGrid’s grid expansion planning to coordinate and support committing multi-party transmission projects in the ColumbiaGrid region.

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Other Services
ColumbiaGrid is committed to assisting its Members in all areas related to grid reliability and use, including in areas that are beyond the scope of ColumbiaGrid’s grid expansion planning program, yet that utilize ColumbiaGrid’s core expertise and tools. Often, these grid services are implemented via separate functional agreements.

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August 15, 2018   9:00-3:00
Non-wires transmission alternative workshop

August 16, 2018   9:00-3:00
Planning Meeting

August 23, 2018   1:00-1:30
Special Member Meeting for Director Election

September 03, 2018   
Labor Day - Office Closed

September 19, 2018   8:00 - 9:20
Members' Roundtable Meeting

September 19, 2018   9:30-12:30
Board Meeting

October 11, 2018   9:00-3:00
Planning Meeting

November 08, 2018   9:00-1:00
Members' Caucus

November 12, 2018   
Veterans Day Observed - Office Closed

November 22, 2018   
Thanksgiving Day - Office Closed